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Sewing is always cool and it probably means that she is also a complete AAA homemaker in sort of the old school way your grandma was. I like to cook sweet cakes and pies most of all, but borsch and vareniki I also cook good.

A lot of guys think they want a lady with real homemaking skills until they find out that means living with a set of rules about where dirty clothes go, when dinner time is, and washing dishes, but if that’s part of what you dig in a lady then Juliya is certainly a catch. I wish I had someone to share my meals with, because it's such a waste of time to cook for myself.

The only problem at first was the absence of wife's friends.

She had no one to talk, no one, as my wife says, complain to the vest, no one to ask for advice.

Here is a picture so you recognize it when Juliya serves it up.

In time of leisure I like to read books, to watch TV, to be outdoors having a picnic with my close people, to listen to music, to go to the cinema.

I am fond of psychology - it helps me to understand people better.

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