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After guards responded to the incident in the lobby, several surveillance officers gathered and wondered aloud if a tape of Rice and Palmer could be sold to TMZ—the Web site that, since its inception, in 2005, has taken a merciless approach to celebrity news.

At around ., one of the surveillance officers, sitting at a monitoring-room computer, reviewed footage from a camera that faced the elevator and, using a cell phone, surreptitiously recorded the screen. It was the middle of the night in Los Angeles, where TMZ is based, so a message was left on the tip line. On September 29, 2015, an internal e-mail summarizing tips from the previous night referred to “info regarding George Clooney’s wedding,” “a video of a pro athlete getting attacked by a goat,” and “pictures of Meek Mill being incarcerated.” (The e-mail is one of many that were leaked to ) The tip line also recorded a claim that a major pop star “wears a fake booty in her music videos” and employs a “person who makes the fake butts.”Many tipsters ask to be paid, and the site often complies.

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Some are quite obvious: one trick is to offer you cash to put money through your bank account.

Others are less so: one ingenious new trick capitalises on the green trend by asking investors to put their money into something called carbon credits. You get a call from someone posing as your bank or the police.

In 2009, for example, he took the call that led to TMZ’s breaking the news that Chris Brown had physically assaulted Rihanna.

It may be that there was never any policy and you’ve simply paid for a bit of paper.For fashion, please put to the attention of Rachel Lowe.For beauty, please put to the attention of Jillian Ruffo.They later cemented their affections at the Jog On To Cancer event on Wednesday, held by Rehab editor James Ingham.An ITV representative told Daily Star: "We're actually not going to be commenting on it at present."He is allegedly due to appear at Romford Magistrates Court on June 27.

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In the early-morning hours of February 15, 2014, Ray Rice and his fiancée, Janay Palmer, stepped into an elevator at the Revel hotel and casino, in Atlantic City.

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