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Her superlative performance made her an overnight star and brought her much fame across the globe.

In the next few years, she continued her success runs and earned numerous medals in championships around the world.

To be able to understand the complicated laws of succession to the Imperial throne we must turn to the Pauline Laws.

The Pauline Laws are the house laws of the House of Romanov and the name comes from the fact that they were initially established by Emperor Paul I in 1797.

For the present, the dates below will help to determine which Study Elements are relevent to your birth date.

E-mail newsletter is distributed free to all interested viewers of Earthlore's Lore of Astrology. Request your free subscription to: Subscribe Today Read what Sydney Omarr wrote about Earthlore's Lore of Astrology: ARIES First sign March 21 - April 20 Symbol: Ram GEMINI Third sign May 22 - June 21 Symbol: Twins CANCER Fourth sign June 22 - July 22 Symbol: Crab LEO Fifth sign July 23 - Aug 22 Symbol: Lion VIRGO Sixth sign Aug 23 - Sept 22 Symbol: Maiden LIBRA Seventh sign Sept 23 - Oct 23 Symbol: Scales SCORPIO Eighth sign Oct 24 - Nov 22 Symbol: Scorpion SAGITTARIUS Ninth sign Nov 23 - Dec 21 Symbol: Archer CAPRICORN Tenth sign Dec 22 - Jan 20 Symbol: Sea goat AQUARIUS Eleventh sign Jan 21 - Feb 19 Symbol: Water bearer PISCES Twelfth sign Feb 20 - March 20 Symbol: Fish pair "Our grave astronomers are no longer astrologers, but they still call certain constellations by the names given them in Babylonia.

Individuals born on the first or last day of Sun sign Taurus will occasionally find their birthday placed within Aries or Gemini.

The shift in cusp dates is due to the alternating progression of the Sun from sign to sign.

British journalists Anthony Summers and Tom Mangold suggested -after a long and professional investigation that lasted six years-,that it was possible that the Tsarina Alexandra and her children were able to escape and therefore, did not die in July of 1918.Olga Korbut is a former Soviet gymnast who won six Olympic medals for her country and earned the title of ‘The Sparrow from Minsk’.This biography provides detailed information about her childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.Born in Belarus, she started her training as a gymnast at a very young age.After becoming skilled in back flips and somersaults, she first displayed her talent at an event in USSR and received much appreciation for her skills.

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Every time we look at our watches we are reminded of the ancient mathematicians who counted on their fingers and multiplied 10 by 6, to give us minutes and seconds, and divided the day and the night into twelve hours by multiplying six by the two leaden feet of Time.

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