Outlook account not updating

You were using Windows Live Mail (WLM) desktop email client program to access your Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live, MSN or any other Microsoft account's email.

Everything was working fine and WLM was properly syncing your account emails without any problem.

"It happened around the end of last week/over the weekend and seems to have been a gradual rollout," he told us.

"From what I can tell, some of my users are still unaffected, while the person sitting next to them doesn't work and has a revamped UI." Other users in Microsoft's Outlook support forum have reported having similar problems with the service post-update.

"After the new version was installed, I am not receiving any of my emails from my connected account," notes Keli.

"I checked all of my settings and they are correct." Barrett said he was scheduled to chat to a Microsoft rep on Thursday about the problem, but he never got the promised call from tech support.

/Online /cleanup-image /scanhealth /Online /cleanup-image /Restorehealth Type Exit in the Command Prompt and press Enter to close the Command Prompt. I ran both as admin and there were no errors found.I have two IMAP accounts in my Outlook 2013 and neither one of them updates as fast I remember from previous versions. POP accounts connect to the server, download the messages, & then disconnect.I will always hear my phone's email alert before Outlook shows new mail. IMAP accounts maintain the connection to the server, but they still have to perform a "send/receive" action to download the new headers from the server.However when I check my emails through the carriers webmail server all the new emails are there. I have the strong feeling if I reinstall outlook 16 I will lose all my emails.Well by your description it sounds like you have a POP email account.

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