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Australia has been floating the idea of a Pacific economic and political community with a common currency based on the Australian dollar.

But the intervention is likely to strengthen feelings among island nations about loss of sovereignty.

's prime minister, accused Australia of wanting to take control of its old colony again and threatened to look elsewhere for his aid.

Speedy has lived in Hanubada village for 22 years, moving there at the age of 15.I came out here on a British government scheme to work as an economist for the Papua New Guinean government. I'm submerged in not one, but two new cultures here in Port Moresby - Papua New Guinean and Australian.There are large numbers of Aussies here as it's so close - less than an hour's flight from Cairns.Homosexuality is illegal in Papua New Guinea, punishable by up to 14 years in prison, but actual prosecutions are not common, and the laws are rarely enforced.Instead, it is the hate crimes, violence and discrimination incited by the law that puts gay and transgender Papua New Guineans at risk.

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