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It is only more recently that the term 'greater seal script' has been extended to refer to Western Zhou forms or even oracle bone script, of which the Han dynasty coiners of this term were unaware.The term 'large seal script' is also sometimes traditionally identified with a group of characters from a book c.800 BCE entitled Shizhoupian, preserved by their inclusion in the Han dynasty lexicon, the Shuowen Jiezi.Xu Shen, the author of Shuowen, included these when they differed from the structures of the Qin (small) seal script, and labelled the examples Zhòuwén (籀文) or Zhòu graphs. Similarly, the Zhòu graphs are merely examples of large seal script when that term is used in a broad sense.Previously, any letter or symbol had been called a sarat (from *sar "incise").The alphabet of Rúmil of Valinor, on which Fëanor supposedly based his own work, was known as sarati. The plural of tengwa was tengwar, and this is the name by which Fëanor's system became known.This way, your changes won't be lost when you upgrade your YOURLS installation and you can easily activate and deactivate a plugin from the admin interface.There's a growing number of plugins available: check the Plugin list. Check the plugin API documentation to learn more <?

The term is in contrast to the name of the official script of the Qin dynasty, which is often called Small or Lesser Seal Script (小篆 Xiǎozhuàn, also termed simply seal script).

Several sample plugins are included in the archive.

Hieronder zie je vele verschillende soorten php scripts die je gratis kunt kopiëren en plakken ( copy en paste ) of downloaden!

Since, however, in commonly used modes, an individual tengwa was equivalent to a consonant, the term tengwar in popular use became equivalent to "consonant sign", and the vowel signs were known as ómatehtar.

By loan-translation, the tengwar became known as tîw (singular têw) in Sindarin, when they were introduced to Beleriand.

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