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If you want to watch Adobe Flash videos (such as You Tube clips) on your Nintendo Wii, you might find some difficulty in updating your Flash player.

This video shows you how to properly update the software, both for your Wii in general and Adobe Flash in specific, so that you can watch as much Flash media on your Wii as you care to find!

Thanks to "Luis" for emailing me and letting me know I messed that up. Version 1.11: Added three videos sent to me that showcase obtaining a perfect 100 in Mii Maestro.

When the other two are sent to me, I will upload them as well. I fixed some typo errors and realized I didn't add anything about the video library section, so that info has been added.

In this question I learned that you have to download patches for games on the Wii/3DS manually from the Nintendo store.

I can't think of why some games, like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or Super Paper Mario would have patches, and my experience with game updates on the PS3 is that you are notified automatically about the update when you play the game (a bit too often if you ignore it).

On the first day I had the game, I played "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Do Re Mi," starring in each performance as my own Mii avatar. The judgment is purely an aesthetic one, and you make it.

I tried different instruments and very quickly started to improvise my part of the song, shaking new notes into the arrangement. The game isn't programmed to even care that you've finished playing a song.

If you're lucky, Nintendo may send out a message to all systems telling people about the bug and/or fix, like how they did for the Pokémon X/Y save location freeze bug.If you keep up with video game news, you probably know what "Wii Music" is. The game comes out in just a few days and even I didn't know the answers to these questions until this week. You have to play this when the game boots (after it updates your firmware, that is).You probably even know how to play it -- shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as if you were playing one of the game's more than 60 instruments. I've played my retail copy of "Wii Music" for a couple of hours over the last two days and can explain how this game really works. The tutorial is conducted by a composer character who teaches you the game's four primary control schemes: 1) two-handed drum-stick-shaking for percussion and keyboard; 2) one-handed Remote-only trumpet "blowing;" 3) two-handed violin-strumming and 4) two-handed, Remote-strumming guitar.Also, I added the conditions for unlocking the extra stages, since its rather simple.I don't know if I'll add info on what specific instruments get unlocked at which time because if you complete the lessons and the minigames anyway, you'll get everything. Hopefully I managed to get asmuch information into this the first time as I could.

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