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"When you're in a trusting relationship, you can flirt in a harmless way," says Ian Kerner, Ph. "I call it 'transferable sexual esteem,' when you get a charge and bring those feelings home to your guy." Just keep the exchange brief and PG. Cast aside your pj's tonight and let nothing come between you and your sheets. Or consider trying a new down-there hair color (bettybeauty.com) or adorning yourself with a very private Swarovski crystal tattoo (completelybare.com). "Think of your imagination as your own private playground, and feel free to bring whoever you want along on an X-rated drama of your own creation."Reveal a fantasy.

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There is fear that the disease may spread further, due to a combination of foreign immigrants infected with TB coming to the UK, increased travel abroad, and hospital staff who are not trained to spot the disease from early symptoms.

Tuberculosis is a communicable disease caused by infection with the tubercle bacillus (also known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis or M.

We've designed a calendar that will rock your world — without shaking up your everyday routine.

It's packed with easy, no-time-at-all ways to increase intimacy with your partner, boost your confidence, and help you rediscover a more fulfilling (and fun! We've broken them down into feel-good activities that you can do all on your own, romantic ideas that will bring you emotionally closer to your guy, and some adventurous moves the two of you can try between the sheets (check the key below).

The TB bacilli have a thick, waxy coat, are slow growing and can survive in the body for many years in a dormant or inactive state.

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So what is the difference between SXCE and Open Solaris?

SXCE has some closed source features that Sun licensed many years ago but does not have the right to open source and distribute as part of Open Solaris.

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According to the posting on the Open Solaris site, Sun will stop spinning Solaris Express Community Edition "by the end of the October timeframe," which is New American for "by Halloween," or Old American for the date "October 30," the last Friday of the month.

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