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You can get a live look at the site of a sinkhole underneath a Fraser neighborhood. 24, 2016 to fix a collapsed sewer line below the neighborhood.Three homes were condemned due to damage sustained when the ground beneath the structures suddenly began sinking.SPACE STATION CREW TO GET THREE SHOTS AT SOLAR ECLIPSE - The International Space Station's crew will enjoy views of the Aug.21 solar eclipse during three successive orbits, giving the astronauts a unique opportunity to take in the celestial show from 250 miles up as the moon's shadow races across from the Pacific Ocean and the continental United States before moving out over the Atlantic.There was a record of the questions asked — and the refusal to answer them.A mere transcript of off-camera gaggles (which the White House has provided over the last week) is insufficient.Today, an exchange took place that illustrated exactly why this is so worrisome.

S., we'll get to see it three times," Randy Bresnik said Friday during a NASA Facebook session.

Today, the Trump administration belatedly added an on-camera press briefing by press secretary Sean Spicer to the White House schedule, just one day after Spicer kicked off a firestorm by barring reporters from recording video or even audio of his gaggle with them.

Following yesterday’s off-camera gaggle, White House reporters began using Twitter and their platforms to criticize the administration’s apparent new policy as a restriction on a free press.

But Spicer’s answer today shows precisely why it’s crucial that these briefings endure — we need to have a record of such evasions, and the public needs to be able to see, on video, how Spicer’s interactions with the press play out.

The White House’s gradual elimination of the on-camera briefings is unprecedented and alarming.

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More (Source: Space News - Aug 13) H-2A ROCKET GROUNDED BY PROBLEM IN PROPULSION SYSTEM - A Japanese launch crew filled an H-2A rocket with cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants in time for a planned liftoff Saturday with a geostationary navigation satellite, but a problem inside the launcher’s propulsion system prompted officials to postpone the mission. More (Source: Space Flight Now - Aug 13) CHINESE SATELLITE SENDS 'HACK-PROOF' MESSAGE - China has successfully sent "hack-proof" messages from a satellite to Earth for the first time.

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