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Apple does not go into details about the fix; a single sentence from the latest Yosemite release notes claims the update "prevents Safari from saving website favicon URLs used in Private Browsing." Private browsing is also available in Chrome (where it's called Incognito mode), Internet Explorer (where it's called In Private Browsing) as well as Firefox.I created a 16x16 px favicon (.ico) in GIMP and uploaded it to the proper file on the server.

In this example, my Favicon database file has grown to 10.7 MB, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering that Safari has to search this every time you go to a web page, it can impact it’s speed noticeably 4.

To refresh your site's favicon you can force browsers to download a new version using the link tag and a querystring on your filename.

This is especially helpful in production environments to make sure your users get the update. This answer responds to an immediate need, but is more a Super User kind of answer, and must be known by end users, while the accepted answer is a Stack Overflow kind of answer (programming) and works for all users of the site.

He said that the cache plugin was causing the issue.

I deactivated and deleted Quick Cache at that time.

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