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As a young girl, Scerbo was very good in her studies and also had keen interest in sports.She used to play soccer for the Parkland Soccer Club while she was being raised in Parkland, Florida. Though Scerbo has attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School situated in Parkland, Florida, she has formally not graduated high school.Scerbo was chosen as one of the five members out of over 1,000 fellow applicants.In September 2006, the group hosted the children's music variety series Dance Revolution which promoted nutrition and fitness to children.He is even very much active on Twitter and likes to keep his 88 k followers updated on his professional as well as personal lives. A photo posted by Cody Longo (@codylongo) on Sharknado (1 and 3).My Constant&My Home Everything I Love coming "home" to. Hot, rich, famous, talented, and still young- doesn’t seem like that such a catch would be left uncaught right?

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In the year 2006, Scerbo auditioned for the Music Girl Group named Slumber Party Girls where she was selected as one of the member of the group.

The group together hosted Dance Revolution; a Children's Music TV series in September 2006. In 2007, Scerbo signed a solo-recording contract with Geffen Records after the breaking down of the group.

Slumber Party Girls' original songs were dominantly featured through the series run.

The group's debut album Dance Revolution was released but failed to chart. In the midst of 2007 as the group began working on their sophomore record the group was confirmed to have split.

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Scerbo was raised in Parkland, Florida and played soccer for the Parkland Soccer Club.

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