Scripterz rudating scripts

I did run into problems selecting RAsh schemes, however kamek assures me this is a bug in RAsh not KTE.

KTE is backwards compatable to version 1.0, which is handy if you have old themes.

Although i have yet to find any cons in the actual day to day use of the engine (i have been testing it since v0.4), it does have one major drawback. This is because it precompiles everything, and its a tradeoff for the actual speed you get once the theme is loaded.

Also, you can end up having 3 files related to themes loaded (the main engine, the dynamicly generated script and the supporting theme script), which isnt really a con, but can get a tad annoying if you already have lots of things loaded :) Conclusion...

Computers can do all the hard work faster than humans can, meaning that they are time saving and efficient.

This time saved can then be used to focus on improving other aspects of the business that otherwise would have had to be sacrificed or ignored.

* Fixed infinate loop when clicking "no" at "Continue update" dialog * Fixed "/m Paste Bin: /Play ..." error * Fixed "* /run" bug when updating. * Fixed versions throughout readme and script to reflect actual version for consistency October 27, 2010, version 2.1.1 * Rearranged dialog * Added Byte counter * Fixed minor spelling and grammatical mistakes in both script and readme * Edited * Un-piped Code * Added script header * Fixed Post Expiration not saving * Fixed Syntax highlighting not saving * Fixed byte counter not counting first line October 26, 2010, version 2.1.0 * Rewrote entire script.

In the contemporary Western world, it seems almost impossible for a business or a company to survive without the use of technology such as computers.

Over the past two decade, the technology faculty has slowly but surely been developing.

Brilliant, however there is some room for improvement.

Perhaps an auto theme downloader from would be nice.

Unfortunately, this time, when the progress bar got to initialize the script DDE, my mirc crashed. The total installation went pretty smooth, took little time on my machine (PIII 500m Hz 128RAM).

Once loaded, I got nice informative /echo's telling me about the script's feature, and giving other information. You can add profiles and manage them with the script's Profile Manager, but I preferred to be basic and leave it with the default profile.

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