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When the eruption happened first, there was up to 60 feet of ash and mud all over the city and due to this, excavation seemed to be a tougher challenge.

I have translated from German and Roman scripts dating as far back as the late 16th century, though most of my experience has been with texts from the 18th century to the present.Surrounding Mount Vesuvis, there was a constant rainfall that spanned for 3 days back in 79 AD and as a result, the volcano’s eruption took everything on its way.Herculaneum has a small and wealthy village named Pompeii on the northern side of the volcano and they had more time for evacuation when compared to the other city.It was first uncovered back in 1738, when Spaniard Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre first saw it and even to this day, there are excavation activities being carried out on the site.The ruins are beautiful and the mosaics and frescos used here are rich.

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