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Usually in emails, there will be a signature block which contain details such as sender’s name, phone number, social website URLs and more. It helps users to automatically update their address book by scanning signature block in emails.Watch the Primary Contact and Passport Advantage Online Access video.It explains The Administration Contact [if different from the Primary Contact] is your Site's designated contact for all administrative documents including Software Subscription and Support Renewal notices, software upgrade availability notifications and Proofs of Entitlement.Changes to these info are usually unannounced, but if you don’t notice them, then you might lose out. The app only works with Gmail accounts, Google App emails and Outlook.Recommended Reading: Essential Guide To Managing Google Contacts To start updating contact details automatically, browse over to Write That. When an email reaches a Gmail or MS Outlook Inbox, Write That.

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  1. Masteroverwatch divides everyone by region like Playoverwatch does, so it's not updating my US stats at all. I checked the site and apparently that hasn't updated for me as well. When the servers were down, I went to Asia and Europe to play a few games since their servers seemed to work fine, and after that, my stats haven't been able to update. Playoverwatch seems unable to retrieve or parse any new data despite the in-game stats showing up correctly.