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" 10th February 2011 "You can actually have a conversation with a machine. We are arguing with our friends if it's a person or not..

Most of our site pages have been updated to change how they are displayed with various screen sizes.from its lineup, leaving only the 9 i Pad Mini 4 at the 7.9-inch size.At the time we noted that the new 9 full-sized i Pad was a much better deal.Like, I saw how they put the words, but when I press "save" it said my script has an error. Just try again if it does not work try again tomorrow! Answer from: Cha There is something wrong with your script You have to write your script like this (for example) PAIGE ( talk_excited) I can't wait If you forgot the capital for the name or the first word on what your character is saying, it will be an error and you won't be able to save it Just check your script once again.

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We will be updating how the pages and text displays for the blog posts, site news, suggestions, user comments, and all other content of the blog section in the near future.

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