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She was pronounced dead at the scene, and it was later revealed that neither Matthew or his wife were wearing seat belts at the time because they were having sexual intercourse in the driver's seat of the car, with Amanda sitting on her husband's lap.

It had been Amanda's first night out with her husband after the birth of their second child it was later revealed by Matthew, who has bought his wife tickets to a concert earlier that evening for Valentine's Day.

Investigators would wonder whether the person had even seen a dead body before.

The pair are pictured playing for the US President's Cup team in 2013 Amanda Boyd (left) and Lindsey Vonn (right) watch their other halves in The Presidents Cup in 2013.

It was amateur work: There were bloody fingerprints and footprints all over the apartment, and the killer even defecated in the toilet and forgot to flush. Whoever murdered Meredith Kercher didn't know how to use a knife.

The first two wounds weren't deep enough to do fatal damage, the knife catching on bone.

The death of Amanda drove a wedge between the once happy family, with her parents and grandparents blaming Matthew for the fatal crash while friends of the couple said the victim would never want to see the father of her children behind bars.

'You had a responsibility to get your wife home safely,' said Amanda's father Mike Stacey according to the Palm Beach Post, while asking that the judge sentence his former son-in-law to the maximum amount of time in prison.

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