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Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes was on board to produce with Andrew Form and Brad Fuller.“Prisoners” scribe Aaron Guzikowski penned the reboot, which would have been the 13th film in the franchise, with the most recent bowing in 2009 from New Line and Warner Bros. to come on as a co-producer on “Interstellar,” the studio traded the rights to “Friday the 13th” to Paramount, where Platinum Dunes holds a first-look deal.There was nothing to worry about however as Kimmel was already one step ahead of the producers.'He was sitting with Matt Damon to do the scripted final bit - it was going to be a kicker with Matt - and he saw what was happening and jumped onstage,' said De Luca.The flub happened right when one of the best Oscar telecasts in recent years was winding down, and after a long and difficult day for the production staff and crew.'We had a set collapse actually on us during rehearsal that day on Sunday because an elevator onstage was miscued,' said De Luca.'We had to cancel the rehearsal while we put the set back together.'There was also a meeting after the Best Picture flub to immediately discuss what happened and figure out the series of events that caused the embarrassing incident.'After it was over and everyone was crowding backstage, I ran into the theater to scoop up my wife and kids and brought them back to my production office,' said De Luca.'By the time I went back to the green room, [Academy CEO Dawn Hudson]was already in mid-conversation with the players, just trying to figure out what happened. Everybody looked white-faced and the blood was just drained.' Audience members look on in shock as the mistake was announced live on air (front row l to r: Casey Affleck, Christine Boldt, Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps and Ben Affleck; second row: Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel and Selma Hayek; third row: Rosalind Ross, Mel Gibson, and Lucas Hedges)In the end, De Luca said he was 'heartbroken' about what became of the night.'I wanted the show to be remembered for the Katherine Johnson moment, the James Foley moment with Sting, and Dev Patel's wonderful introduction of Sting,' said De Luca.'I wanted the heartfelt moments to be what we're talking about today, and I wanted the funny moments that Jimmy brought, the really inventive or irreverent bits.The former CEO of Paramount Pictures was just 59 at the time of his death.His family revealed in a statement that his death was the result of cancer.His wife Cassandra seemed to hint that something was wrong in a series of cryptic Instagram posts this weekend.She posted a a black-and-white image of a clothesline containing multiple black shirts on Saturday, writing: 'Mood.

They could have a great job and just be saving up so they can buy a place, not rent.2. Consider that before you dump them because you think it's weird.5. At this point, they're probably pretty independent and off doing their own things.

Grey is survived by his wife Cassandra and their 18-month-old son Jules as well as his three adult children from his first marriage to ex-wife Jill - Sam, Max and Emily.

His death comes just a few months after he stepped down from his role as CEO and chairman of Paramount Pictures after a 12-year career with the studio.

Leave me alone.'Cassandra later posted a photo of herself with a hoodie over her head and a baseball cap pulled down over her face writing: 'Don't talk to me #nophotos.' A memorial service will be announced at some point in the coming weeks, and the family asks that donations be made to the Lawrence J.

Don't jump to conclusions about why they still live at home. Well, they might be, but they're not usually a basement-dwelling weirdo. Yes, they get annoyed when their mom wants them to take out the recycling before your date, but they care about family more than anyone you've dated.9. Don't introduce them as "my boyfriend/girlfriend who lives at home." That's not their identity.13.

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Paramount has decided to back off on its reboot of the iconic “Friday the 13th” horror franchise, which had been in development for several years at the studio.

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