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It is Rape in the Second Degree, a Class A felony with several years in prison, lifetime Probation and lifetime sex offender registration, to have sexual intercourses with someone who is physically helpless or mentally incapacitated at the time of the contact.But if an accuser was intoxicated and does not remember giving consent when they wake the next day, then he or she may decide they must have been raped.(CDC National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey 2010) Although unwanted sexual contact is against the law, most rapes are not reported to law enforcement.Holding sex offenders accountable for their criminal acts can give victims a sense of justice and helps protect the community by lowering the chances of sex offenders re-offending.CSPC Request for Proposals 2017 05 17 Please contact [email protected] you have any questions.As many of you are aware, the move to the new building was unsuccessful and depleted much of our financial reserves.

If you are a student, UW Sexual Assault Resources are available online at edu/sexualassault, and you can also contact the Health & Wellness Student Advocate (formerly known as SARIS) at [email protected] A first and important step for survivors is often to get medical treatment.

We have successfully convinced courts to relieve clients of their registration obligations for a wide variety of sex offenses.

Call us today for a free consultation to see if you are eligible for sex offender registration removal.

Poorly drafted petitions with little to no documentation to support them are unlikely to help the person seeking removal of this invasive, burdensome requirement.

At The Meryhew Law Group, our defense team routinely files petitions to ask courts to remove this difficult requirement for our clients.

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Sexual assault and sexual harassment is a serious concern on college campuses.

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