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As with the greaves, they are obviously parade items, being made of such soft metal, but it is possible that less ornate items of the same general pattern may have been worn in action. t=1442520 the small village of Poiana Cotofenesti, southern Romania, in the spring of year 1928, the very young son of a local peasant, a kid still in the elementary school, while helping his family work the field with a plow, he stopped when the blade run across what later proven to be a phenomenal archeological discovery: an ancient gold helmet.

The present paper puts forward a brief examination of the Romanian archaeological record allegedly belonging to the main cultural actors involved in the transition to the Upper Paleolithic across Europe: the Late Mousterian, the so-called “transitional” industries, and the Aurignacian technocomplex.

optimal conditions, supply of electricity and water at incentive rates, customs-free imports of raw materials and capital goods, tax-exemption for the profits made by projects, reinvestment allowances, exemption of locally made products from duties and taxes and subsidies to fornitura di elettricità e di acqua a tariffe incentivanti, l'importazione senza dazi di materie prime e di beni capitali, l'esenzione da imposte sugli utili realizzati dai progetti, deduzioni per reinvestimenti, l'esenzione dei prodotti di produzione locale da dazi e imposte nonché sussidi alle esportazioni.

This route, related to the "Pre-Roman necropolis" II, III and IV (possibly to be complemented with these ones) leads tourists to the discovery of the remains and of the archeological areas of some among the biggest necropolis in the pre-Roman Veneto: some dating back to the Ancient Bronze and Iron Age situated in Montagnana, others related to the Veneto centre in Este (with the remarkable examples of the Situles’art), some rich in precious tools dating back to the Il percorso, legato ed eventualmente da integrare con gli itinerari "Necropoli preromane" II, III, e IV, propone la visione dei reperti e dei siti di alcune delle maggiori necropoli del Veneto preromano: quelle situate nel territorio di Montagnana tra Bronzo Antico ed età del Ferro, quelle relative al centro veneto di Este (con gli eccezionali esemplari dell’arte delle Situle),widest and unlimited powers of both ordinary and extraordinary administration and decision, and the Deputy Chairman and Managing Director with all the widest powers for the ordinary administration of the Company, with the sole exception of those that cannot be delegated pursuant to the Law and Art.

They continued to work side by side with the Roman colonists and veterans, who had been brought into the new Imperial province of Dacia from everywhere in the Roman World.

The spirit of the conquerors, backed by the diligence of the local population, proved very profitable for the country Dacia reached such a high level of material and spiritual culture that was named Dacia Felix.

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