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After several disastrous attempts to hook up with various women, Andy eventually finds Trish, the woman of his dreams.But what will happen when their relationship inevitably progresses to the next level?The first half is a really, really raunchy guy movie filled with lots of language, sexual humor, and all sorts of perversion.The second half of the movie is a sweet romantic comedy that is fairly tame.

(with Optional Commentaries)Andy’s Fantasies (with Optional Commentaries)Cal & Paula (with Optional Commentaries)Advice from Mooj Deleted Scenes (with Optional Commentaries)Waxing Doc Date-A-Palooza Line-O-Rama My Dinner with Stormy Gag Reel Feature Commentary with Director / Co-Writer Judd Apato, Actor / Co-Writer Steve Carell Other Info: Widescreen (1.85:1)Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Dolby Digital 2.1 Stereo Spanish and French Subtitles Running Time: 133 Minutes Synopsis: Andy Stitzer is a genuinely nice guy who collects action figures, is into comic books, and plays video games. So when his co-workers find out one evening over a game of poker that Andy is 40 and still a virgin, they make it their mission in life to find him a woman. Andy had a couple of traumatic sexual encounters as a young man and finds himself incredibly nervous at the prospect of having sex with a woman.

Hear him talk to his collectible action figures; he repaints them on weekends when he's not making the perfect egg-salad sandwich.

Watch him try to fake macho with his co-workers at a Smart Tech store by saying that when you touch a woman's breast, it feels like sand. He's a virgin, and the guys -- Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Romany Malco could not be funnier -- spend the rest of the movie trying to find a woman to bus his cherry.

A speed-dating session is attempted, as is an ouch of a chest-hair waxing.

(Carell did it for real; you can see the blood beading to the surface of his skin.) But Andy sets a more daunting task for himself than getting laid: finding one woman, building a relationship and making it stick.

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