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The new XSD for version 2.0 can be found in the ORCID Git Hub repository. Quarter 4 (October-December), 2017: Sunset v1.2, v2.0_rc X, and earlier versions.

One user told me that his phone gave him only two options when he plugged it in — "update" and "restore." The top image is an example of how his installation went wrong.The access tokens from this process allow you to add a single item (or multiple works) at once, as well as edit or delete a single item at once. Contents The process to get permission to add or update data on a user’s ORCID record follows the OAuth Dance as described in Ttokens through 3-legged OAuth Authorization.The user starts in your local system, which refers them to a customized authorization URL.The URL includes your client information, as well as the scopes specifying the specific areas of their record that you wish to access.XSD 2.0 is now available on the production ORCID Registry and sandbox as a stable release version.

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The fact that GPGMail no longer works is related to the circumstance, that Apple does not provide any APIs for

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