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I would have expected that the "getter" for the Rad Label Element.

Text property would have flagged that the controls' layout needed to be refreshed without a separate, explicit call when the status strip's label element's Text property was set to a new value.

Status Strip replaces and extends the Status Bar control of previous versions, Status Bar is retained for both backward compatibility and future use if you choose it.

A Status Strip control displays information about an object being viewed on a Form, the object's components, or contextual information that relates to that object's operation within your application.

Text = "Image File Exif Meta Data by Folder" $main Form.

Add($title Label) # Input Box $text Box In = New-Object System.

It looks like the problem is something other than how the Rad Status Strip and label element are configured.

Next I went into my code and copied in your exact line Label Element1. PST file made at different times to see what EMails were in one and not in the other and thought this utility might be a good time to try the Telerik suite. I deleted the new standard Label and commented out the two lines in the Set Status Strip Label method. 2.) With the program back to where it was without the standard toolbox label, I then tried adding a Rad Label Element. into a Binding List to later pass to the Rad Grid View. Label control if I use that one and not the Rad Label Element.

This lesson includes these topics: You will create an application called My Money.In a previous post I demonstrated how to read Exif Metadata from Image Files – Reading Exif Metadata from Image Files. It was suggested by a reader that it would be nice to be able to read a folder of images and put the results in a file. You select the folder and after processing, a CSV is created in that location containing various Exif info. This application will present a checkbook register that you can use to record your income and expenses.Each entry in your register must be associated with a category.

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