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U sers who got a "yes" response earned one point, those who got a "maybe" earned half a point, and those who got rejected did not earn any points.

Each user's score was averaged, and an average for all users who attended a certain college was calculated to produce the following ranking.

In fact, when browsing Tinder or Grindr, we might even discover that our perceptions of attractiveness are closely aligned with racist or classist tendencies; perceived skin color, sexual orientation, religion, and even clothing may greatly influence our “swipe habits.” As Dr.

Anne Helen Petersen pointed out in a detailed long form analysis of Tinder published on Buzzfeed, “…we find someone ‘hot’ based on unconscious codes of class, race, education level, religion, and corresponding interests embedded within the photos of their profile.” With an understanding of your “match” limited to a few pictures and a 500-character bio, users are forced to leave everything else by the wayside.

Thus, choosing potential partners via Tinder or Grindr is chalked up to rapid perception: “hot or not” physical appearances and a quick socioeconomic assumption. Tinder allows users to view profiles of people nearby and select or discard them based on their profile.

Within two years of its release, it grew from a USC-exclusive fad dominated by 18 to 24 year-olds to a full-fledged “App Store Essential” boasting over four million matches a day.

Grindr—similar to Tinder but with a primarily gay user base—is just as popular, reporting over six million users in 192 countries, including some that legally prohibit homosexuality.

Admittedly much more sexualized than Tinder (a whopping 36 percent of 7,200 men surveyed by the L. Gay and Lesbian Center found sexual partners through Grindr), the premise of speedy connection remains the same. By simply swiping people left and right to judge them as potential partners in a matter of seconds, the entire premise of dating—of “naturally” getting to know someone sans virtual aid—becomes obsolete.

For college graduates that have a lot of school spirit, the matchmaking service The Dating Ring has ranked alums of various schools based on how dateable they are.

😊Number of lines of code written according to Github (25k, 6k, and 3.5k).

This doesn’t include Elif’s work, who has been absolutely slaying the backend, or Justin, who made way too beautiful a website than we deserved.

The intellectual environment is extremely is stimulative.

The Professors are very passionate about what they teach and are open to helping any of their students. Students are generally friendly depending on the crowd you hang out with. I love this school and would attend it again when given the chance.

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  1. Online dating services allow users to become "members" by creating a profile and uploading personal information including (but not limited to) age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and appearance.