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He also slapped and kicked his 23-year-old daughter so that she suffered bruises on her hand and knee.While the defendant, who has not been named, initially claimed he hit the two women only by accident, he was found guilty of assault.“I’m still awaiting a ruling in the case to complete the change of my name and sex on official documents,” he said.The trans men’s lawyer, Ali al-Mansouri, told Reuters that the UAE’s federal laws on medical responsibility had to endorse gender reassignment because it was a diagnosed medical condition in the country. “Tradition is another matter, which might take more time.” Homosexuality is still a criminal offence in the UAE.The pair had already undergone hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery in Europe. “My feeling that I’m a man started when I was three years old…Female physical symptoms due to puberty did not appear, and my mother put this down to my young age and thought these things would change once I got married and had kids.

Chief Justice Falah al Hajeri said: 'Although the law permits the husband to use his right to discipline, he has to abide by the limits of this right.

Advertising, events, glossy magazines – Dubai’s glamour propaganda is peddled by models and media darlings.

Even patriarchal professions like oil and gas and banking seem to employ female staff of a certain aesthetic standard.

Dozens of people sent the Observers this video on social media.

Almost everyone who shared the footage claimed that the attack on the young woman was a racist act carried out by Arabic, Chinese or Indian men.

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