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Like a computer, a router has a CPU that varies in performance and capabilities depending on the router platform.

Two examples of processors that Cisco uses are the Motorola 68030 and the Orion/R4600.

And that’s hoping that there is not a single error in the whole process!

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We will assume you have read our document on how to connect to your switch via hyperteminal already and know how to do that.

So let’s also take this time to review a few commands for your Cisco CCNA studies.

The Cisco IOS software running in the router requires the CPU or processor to make routing and bridging decisions, maintain routing tables, and other system management functions.

Before starting we will look at some of the AP model Autonomous & Lightweigth recovery images.

If you already read one of my previous post (Lightweight to Autonomous (vice versa) Conversion…) you may konw one way of doing this AP conversion.

In this post we will see how to do the same task using Mode/Reset button of the Access point.

There are usually four types of memory on a Cisco router: Although CPU and memory are required components to run IOS, a router must also have various interfaces to allow packet forwarding.

Interfaces are input and output connections to the router that carries data that needs to be routed or switched.

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Number 1 in the below diagram shows this Reset button of the given AP.

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