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Note that although the harddrive capacity and memory card readers are missing in some models, you can upgrade or add the capability later.Danish, German, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese.It is primarily intended to be controlled via keypad input such as a IR or bluetooth remote control, keyboards, etc but works also very well with a pointer device.A quick overview of its features: - Playback of video (mkv, mpg, mp4, divx, etc.) and audio files - .srt, txt and (Microdvd) subtitles support - Per-file and per-folder settings - Javascript plugins - Unified search - View photos and images in slideshow mode - Live TV streaming from Tvheadend - Icecast/Shoutcast radio streaming - Navi-X, You Tube, Opensubtitles integration - FTP Server, NTFS support, Temperature monitor - FTP client support (Stream content directly from FTP servers) - Custom background (via plugin) - Support for BIG5 character encoding, On Screen Keyboard layouts.Free the slaves and recruit for the Maroons as you collect all twelve trophies from Assassins Creed Freedom Cry.Spoof 4.80 for 4.78 CEX (non-Cobra) and Custom Firmware 4.78.x Rebug REX.

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Neon Drive is a retro-futuristic arcade game inspired by the '80s that takes the player through colorful, pulsing vistas as they dodge obstacles in time to the music.

This trophy guide is designed to help the player achieve the trophies in Neon Drive. The Triangle Trade takes many slaves to the West Indies to work the rest of their lives in terrible brutality.

See release notes for a detailed compatibility list.

Note: The spoofer may actually work on CFW Cobra Editions, but some Cobra features like PS2/PSP ISOs will not work while the spoofer is enabled due the hash of vsh is changed.

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