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Sambaの最新版は4.6.7です。 Samba - opening windows to a wider world Netatalkの最新版は3.1.11です。 Netatalk - Networking Apple Macintosh through Open Source 最近はNetatalkとSambaを統合することができます。 NetatalkとSambaの統合:HAT blog Netatalk 3.1のマニュアルはコチラ: Netatalk 3.1 Manual (オリジナル) Netatalk 3.1 マニュアル (日本語訳) NetatalkとSambaの日本語解説はコチラ: NetatalkとかSambaとかの情報 ユーザの多そうなDebian系がNetatalk 2.2.xのままで滞っています。 とりあえず不安定版(sid)は2.2.5に最新gitのパッチを当てた状態になっています。メーリングリストでは、jessieには3.1.xを間に合わせようという話になりましたが、各ソースファイルのライセンスを調べる作業を誰もしないので先に進まず、netatalkパッケージ自体が存在しません。UbuntuはDebianのパッケージをほぼそのまま流用しているだけなので、同様に危機的状況です。 #690227 - netatalk: newer upstream versions available - Debian Bug report logs The Pkg-netatalk-devel Archives (spamが多い) また、Fedoraではパッケージャが不在になってしまい、パッケージ自体が削除されました。 お先真っ暗ですね。 Netatalk 3.1.11のパッケージを確認している環境は以下のとおり。 AFP Ana Popovic Arctic Monkeys Black Eyed Peas Charlotte Gainsbourg coba DANCE☆MAN Debian Donna Summer DOS Duffy Earth, Wind & Fire Eric Clapton Fedora Free BSD Herbie Hancock James Brown Jane Birkin Juanes Keziah Jones Kimbra Kool & the Gang Led Zeppelin Mac OS X Martin Denny MEW netatalk Net BSD Open BSD Parallels Desktop Pentatonix Pink Floyd Ray Parker Jr.

The default setting for Windows domain controllers from Windows Server 2003 and upwards is to not allow fall back for incoming connections.

The feature can also be turned on for any server running Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 or later.

Samba has long been the standard for providing shared file and print services to Windows clients on *nix systems.

Used by home users, mid-size businesses, and large companies alike, it stands out as the go-to solution in environments where different operating systems coexist.

As it sadly happens with broadly-used tools, most Samba installations are under risk of an attack that may exploit a known vulnerability, which was not considered to be serious until the Wanna Cry ransomware attack hit the news not too long ago.

We don't want to discourage other people forking and working on the emulator; however, any unofficial builds must not be called "Wii SX" or "Cube SX" nor use the Wii SX or Cube SX logo in order to avoid confusion.

The SMB "Inter-Process Communication" (IPC) system provides named pipes and was one of the first inter-process mechanisms commonly available to programmers that provides a means for services to inherit the authentication carried out when a client Some services that operate over named pipes, such as those which use Microsoft's own implementation of DCE/RPC over SMB, known as MSRPC over SMB, also allow MSRPC client programs to perform authentication, which overrides the authorization provided by the SMB server, but only in the context of the MSRPC client program that successfully makes the additional authentication.

SMB signing: Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 and upwards have the capability to use cryptography to digitally sign SMB connections. Other terms that have been used officially are "[SMB] Security Signatures", "SMB sequence numbers" SMB signing may be configured individually for incoming SMB connections (handled by the "Lan Man Server" service) and outgoing SMB connections (handled by the "Lan Man Workstation" service).

I’m starting to update this guide as I speak, starting with the Guild Hall G Rank quests as I assume that’s what most folks are interested in.

Per usual, I’ll start verifying these after I get the game but feel free to chime in or e-mail me if you notice anything.

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