Updating tivoli backup client

When ACSLS has two connections to one SL8500 HBC card, configure the SL8500 and ACSLS server routing tables, as described in "Overview".

If you have only a single connection between the ACSLS server and each SL8500 library, configuring the ACSLS and SL8500 routing tables is The SL8500 library has four rails that the Hand Bots travel, which are numbered from top to bottom 1–4 (one's-based).

These instructions assume that anyone administering a Linux system is technically savvy.

These instructions also assume the language used by the client is English and the locale code is either en_US or EN_US.

Review the README file for requirements (software and hardware) and limitations (filesystem types supported, known problems) and a list of changes since prior client releases.This interface enables ACSLS to connect to and communicate with the SL8500.Before you configure ACSLS for the SL8500: When SL8500 3.97 or higher firmware is installed, ACSLS can connect to more than one SL8500 in an ACS (library complex).In general, a server reliably manages a large amount of data in a multiuser environment so that many users can concurrently access the same data.All this is accomplished while delivering high performance.

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This is required because the TSM API package is a prerequisite of the B/A Client package.

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