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Want to update the look, control, or energy efficiency of your home lighting, but don't know where to start?Check out our 5 brightest ideas for home lighting makeovers – you'll be on the road to fresh, new lighting in no time.But when motion is no longer sensed, the switch jumps into action and does the responsible (and energy-efficient) thing: it turns the lights off.Bright Idea #2: Light switches that you don't have to search for in the dark.The upgrade process differs depending on the installation you have, so please review the documentation that is specific to your install HASSbian, Raspberry Pi All-In-One Installer, Vagrant, or Virtualenv. This is because all requirements are updated as well.The default way to update Home Assistant to the latest release, when available, is: itself or the autostarting daemon (if applicable). To avoid permission errors, the upgrade must be run as the same user as the installation was completed, again review the documentation specific to your install HASSbian, Raspberry Pi All-In-One Installer, Vagrant, or Virtualenv.When I first move into my house i decided to do some networking and install my router and modem into a little closet. i bought another router and was just too lazy to re install it properly which it has been sitting for 1/2 year or more and to top that off it on top of my oil tank so reception is terrible Just to clean things up a bit i printed a desk cable grommet from resized to about 1″ hole opening then drilled a hole for my cables then now i just run all the cable to that hole and mount my router.and the final results are pretty good thanks for reading!!

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Bright Idea #1: Motion sensors that save on lighting energy costs.

It's obvious that turning out the lights when leaving a room is one of the most basic ways to save energy and money, but what happens when you forget?

It was bound to happen sooner or later, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

I had just hoped that Walmart Canada’s free-shipping on all orders offer would stick around for a while longer, as they are one of the few e-retailers who still offered this service.

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