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So we slept together and things were great we were getting to know each other and I adored him then he quit talking to me and a month later we started talking again and then he quit AGAIN and NOW AGAIN we are talking well before the other day we had only slept together that once in the past 5 months and now he's fading on me again. on the holiday we use to almost whole day..things are changing slowly.. When he talks its like I wanna know more about deep n sweet but he's a rough street guy.He called me one night but I was with my x and wouldn't answer about a hour later I got a text from him that said sorry I bothered you I found out why your not answering me. I just graduated from Elementary/middle school (from the eigth grade). Every day he would tell me that he likes me and I should go out with him and every time I'd turn him down. Like they say, you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone. at the beginning of the relation my Capricorn mate use to be so romantic. When I first met him he was quiet n didn't say 2 much unless we asked him something... :) Personally I started seeing a CAP when I was having a crisis in my life.Capricorn Man is the follower of dreams, one who strive to achieve his goals of life at all cost.He is very hardworking in nature and determined to face the challenges of his goals by showing tremendous amount of patience.The capacity to learn infinite new sides of each other; growth; deep respect and pressure-free negotiating when change is needed to keep things fresh.

He was kind of a (help me forget about my 6 year relationship I just got out of) guy , that ended up spinning my head!!! I just wonder does all the Capricorn guy have the same characteristic !!!! We only been talking for a couple of weeks but I am sooo liking this guy.

He is done loving life to a “good enough” level, only choosing greatness from now on.

And she refuses to take credit for his enhanced vision.

Yet, for each other, they take it very positively, and thus strive to channelize it into various constructive areas.

When it comes to the compatibility of Capricorn male and Virgo female, they admire the personality of one another like to enjoy the space alone.

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  1. The average age for the heir's first marriage in the early sixteenth century was at twenty-one, advancing to twenty-two by the end of the same century (Stone 46).