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While the web provides a vast resource of declarative information (some of it multimedia), there are few places on the web where instructors can obtain effective inquiry-based tools for teaching science.

The Virtual Courseware Project fulfills this need with interactive, web-based simulation activities that emphasize the methods of science for both life and earth science topics.

With Virtual Courseware, students learn by doing: making observations, proposing hypotheses, designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data generated by the software, and synthesizing and communicating results.

The activities include an online assessment quiz that consists of randomized interactive questions.

(His shite you put up with for so long, so very long) Not from your internet suitors. (Long time, long time ago.) That kind he gave you now. A chilled chilling silence spreading (to the back seats).

On Plans to Sue CBS for Shutting Down His Show"They're trying to destroy my family, so I take great umbrage with that. I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total bitchin' rock star from Mars. Addressing His Substance Abuse Issues"I am on a drug. It's not available because if you try it once you will die.

The Faerie Queene is an incomplete English epic poem by Edmund Spenser.

Books I to III were first published in 1590, and then republished in 1596 together with books IV to VI.

There is wide acceptance that inquiry-based curriculum programs have positive effects on cognitive achievement, process skills, and attitudes towards science.

Science instructors seek engaging, effective, and inquiry-based activities that are convenient to implement in their classrooms.

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