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They ask a bunch of questions, then wait until you answer them all before they respond.So when you register for that cool social network or use an e-commerce site, it’s pretty much a monologue.However, it far exceeded human’s ability to analyze these huge data. Heat map is a false color image with a dendrogram added to the left side and to the top.

Observations can be clustered on the basis of variables and variables can be clustered on the basis of observations. The Fuzzy c-means method is the most popular fuzzy clustering algorithm. In model-based clustering, the data are viewed as coming from a distribution that is mixture of two ore more clusters.

A huge amounts of multidimensional data have been collected in various fields such as marketing, bio-medical and geo-spatial fields.

Mining knowledge from these big data becomes a highly demanding field. In this chapter, we’ll describe how to visualize the result of clustering using dendrograms as well as static and interactive heatmap.

In this chapter, we covered the common distance measures used for assessing similarity between observations. It finds best fit of models to data and estimates the number of clusters. DBSCAN is a partitioning method that has been introduced in Ester et al. It can find out clusters of different shapes and sizes from data containing noise and outliers.

Some R codes, for computing and visualizing pairwise-distances between observations, are also provided. The basic idea behind density-based clustering approach is derived from a human intuitive clustering method.

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