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It’s very much a gorilla harem dynamic in bars and restaurants that employ attractive women. ” She’ll answer, and then try to get into server-mode by asking you what you want to order. She said he was a regular, and she just got to know him.

I guess you could say it was like starting to watch Friends in the fifth season: You don’t know the characters, but they all have backstories, and they’ve all slept together. We’d been Gchatting about work, as we usually did, though it had always been hard to tell where the work stopped and the flirting began. She said, “You’re welcome to come down and have a drink with me.” I walked the few blocks, excited, wary. After the fifth drink, she said that this could get us in trouble. Here’s how it worked: during conference calls, I’d put my hands down her shirt. In the office, she wore tight skirts and tall heels and would stomp around, from office to elevator, with her head bowed monastically over her Blackberry. Male patrons at a bar or restaurant may flirt with the female staff, but deep down they perceive them as out-of-reach. In most places, waitresses and bartenders are forbidden from giving their numbers out. From there, be sure to have an ongoing conversation about you and her, but be sure not to take up too much of her time, as she is working. We had been apart for over a year, and she was working at a BBQ restaurant.Managers may say that this is to avoid drama and keep customers, but I think there’s also an element of possessiveness, where the manager wants to keep the girls to himself! I dated a girl who was a waitress (well I’ve dated a lot of them), but I got some great feedback from this one. I asked her if she ever gave her number out or dated her customers. I asked how he went from being a customer to being a date.They must be able to demonstrate a strong background in staff training and development.They must also be very personable and highly presentable – they will on many occasions be the ‘face’ of the business and they must be able to demonstrate an ability to get on with a mix of personalities.

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