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Years ago, Id heard that he roughed up Andre Harrell during his tenure at Uptown, Id also heard something about Suge making some guys drink urine. Im suprised i didnt just implode right there in the vocal booth. Somehow, I held it together and sang the one or two lines they wanted me to do. A few hours later, Tupac was done with his session, and he led me to a waiting limo in the parking lot.

And there was a rumor about him shaking down Vanilla Ice.

I had no idea that 2 pac had signed to Death Row after he was released from prison. "I'll just come back and get the check tomorrow" I said.

I hadnt yet heard that Suge KNight had bailed him out of prison. Everyone there was from LA and on Death Row and here i am, from the East Coast, and artist signed to Bad Boy? There were two dudes in Pac's room smoking, drinking, and listening to music.

Gibson had a very exclusive and friendly relationship with Lady Gaga, as an official choreographer and creative director for all her music videos and shows.A year ago last January the giant Universal Music Group, formed from the merger of Seagram and Universal, handed Massenburg the biggest task of his business life: to turn around the fortunes of the most famous black music record company in history before it faded utterly away.Twice since Gordy's exit has Motown attempted a revival.But his failure to adapt to new musical trends like hip hop, nu classic soul and the new teen-orientated R'n'B led to his exit.Clearly desperate, Universal turned to former Uptown Records boss, Andre Harrell, a man whose triumphs had been built on street R&B acts like Jodeci and Mary J Blige, to give them some market savvy.

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