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That hardly mattered though, because Ashton declared that he didn't think Rachel's husband was in this group anyway. Blake marched over to Rachel to tell her that Lucas was only there to "promote whaboom" and not to win her heart. Poor Copper had suffered some type of accident and had a leg in a cast, but seemed in good spirits for the trip.When Mila told him he was jumping to conclusions, he argued, "I knew on day one." Mila beamed and said, "Someone's getting laid tonight, or at least a blow job." Ashton smiled and added, "Twice." Whaboom Goes the Dynamite — Maybe The other guys pretty much told Lucas they thought he was full of it, which he denied. Peter really bonded with Copper and Rachel was impressed.Ashton Kutcher has responded to critics of the questions he'd posed about in a Linked In post about 'gender equality in the work place.'That Wednesday Linked In post had plugged an upcoming 'live open dialog' on the matter 'with my fellow Partner from Sound Ventures Effie Epstein' on Facebook.Yet his lines of inquiry - one of which involved 'dating in the work place' and 'flirting' - did cause some to bristle.' 'I've already offended some folks': Tweeting on Friday, Ashton wrote: 'thank you everyone for the feedback on the questions I posted on Linked In,' called some of his questions 'wrong' and said he has 'Hope we can find space to be wrong in the pursuit of getting it right'Ashton had also inquired: 'Should investors invest in ideas that they believe to have less merit so as to create quality across a portfolio?' and after his list had gone on for a bit, he'd finally closed out: 'Are these the right questions? Most rely on flawed assumptions and perpetuate problematic myths.'Replying to her own tweet, she went on to condemn 'The stuff about investing in worse ideas to create equality: I can't even with this lowering the bar ish.'One Twitter user replied to Joelle: 'This doesnt help anyone, least of all the women its intended to help.

DRILLS: 30 minutes of techniques with a partner SCISSOR SWEEP FROM GUARD (ESCAPE)Start in closed guard (legs wrapped around your opponent’s hips).Please pull together the correct questions, and a dialogue that deals with the issue, instead of reiterating the sexist view in the workplace will begin to heal us." On Friday, Kutcher took to Twitter to explain the intention behind his questions, assuring that if he did make a mistake he is glad to learn how top prevent something like this from happening again in the future."Hope we can find space to be wrong in the pursuit of getting it right," he tweeted. Later, over dinner, Rachel and Peter bonded too — over their gap teeth."If we do have children at some point, our children are pretty much screwed," Peter joked.

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Also, Mila's parents were in town to watch their kids so they had a free afternoon — and they decided to spend it helping Rachel find love. To do that, they were going to judge a "Husband Material" obstacle course, which required the gents to change a baby's diaper, vacuum with the baby strapped to them in a Bjorn, and dig a diamond ring out of a clogged sink. Blake went back to the rest of the group feeling good about his decision and confident that Rachel would now send Lucas packing. "It's a kind of unspoken connection that Rachel and I have and some people need to attack that with false statements," Lucas argued to the camera.

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