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I didn’t know people here, or the streets really, so I got my license because I wanted to try it.A friend of mine said that I would be good at it because I like people and also because I’m analytic and number-driven and all those things and you need on both sides. I think that the future of real estate is going to be based around technology. If you asked me eight years ago when I started, I was one of the only people in real estate who got the Blackberry. My business is already international buyers buying from New York, so this is a very good way of getting myself out there.

Luis, who is single and ready to mingle, enjoys dining outside like at his favorite French restaurant in the West Village.

The Hollywood Reporter: Can you give viewers a preview of what they'll see in Wednesday's episode? I think filming a reality show is like jumping off a plane or cliff and hoping a parachute can save you.

Fredrik Eklund: I just watched it for the first time with my husband. Bringing the cameras and the production team to a private island and talking about uncomfortable things like prenups and monogamy and actually leading into this beautiful wedding where we got married out in the actual water with the sunset behind us and everyone we love -- I cried a lot.

Crossover stars are nothing new—just ask Queen Latifah, Mandy Moore, James Franco, or any of the ever-growing horde of celebrities hell-bent on adding that coveted "slash" to their job titles.

But perhaps Fredrik Eklund, a star on Bravo's new Manhattan-based spin-off, , is the only (if not one of very few) award-winning-porn-star-turned-real-estate-mogul among us.

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On the debut of his latest reincarnation, as a reality star, he spoke with us about catering to celebrities, why he's never regretted his past decisions, and how his TV turn yield a fruitful, if unexpected, outcome. It was owned by Robert Dinero’s uncle, Jack Dinero, in Chelsea actually.

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