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In the space of a few short years, he became the force credited with "resuscitating it from cobwebbed irrelevance and reasserting its dominance through a combination of classically mainstream hits," noted New York Observer reporter Jason Gay. Moonves has also revived the faded concept of the single–headed entertainment empire.…

For better and for worse, he's become indistinguishable from his network, and his network has become indistinguishable from him." Born in 1949, Moonves grew up in Valley Stream, a community in Long Island's Nassau County.

American television personality, news anchor, and producer for CBS. She is also a co-host and the moderator of the CBS daytime show The Talk.Les Moonves has been deemed the network television executive responsible for bringing Survivor and the reality–TV craze that followed to the airwaves.As chair and chief executive officer of the CBS Television network, this tanned, affable, former actor known as "Mr.Brian Montopoli and I, along with CJR Daily's Bryan Keefer – who offers a full transcript of the interview -- got a chance to speak with Clooney and Heslov following the panel to find out what they intended the film to say about journalism, what Clooney thinks about his friend Les Moonves' "tough spot," and who he's currently dating. Clooney announced recently that he will be re-making 1976's "Network" for CBS -- a film that examines the worst possible consequences of the influences of entertainment and business interests on news.President and CEO of CBS, Leslie Moonves, whom Clooney counts as a good friend, is at the helm of the network at a time when these concerns appear increasingly relevant.

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