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Whilst she worked with Damien Rice some of Hannigan's solo live recordings were made available through trading networks of her performing covers on tour, or on radio shows.She has also performed live with her own band, The Daisy Okell Quartet, but no recordings are known to have been released.She also toured with his band, and was for all intents and purposes, a member of his band. She was also poised and ready to launch her own solo career.One day while on tour with Rice in Germany, he fired her from the band.Byline: By STEPHEN MAGUIRE & SEAMUS ROSS SNOW Patrol singer Gary Lightbody has had his heart melted by fellow singer Lisa Hannigan.The millionaire pop star admitted recently that despite his sexy image, he finds it hard to meet girls.I would have taken a video if I hadn't been too busy bawling my eyes out.And it seems the rest of the crowd felt the same way too...

The National are well and truly in a league of their own.Last night they performed in front of an enraptured crowd at Longitude, playing all their hits as well as a few new tracks from their much-anticipated seventh album.But the most amazing moment of all was when they invited our very own Lisa Hannigan on stage to perform Fake Empire with them.Het duo The Colorist werkt telkens met een nieuwe muzikant en/of zanger(es) waarvan zij het repertoire her-arrangeren en gedeeltelijk opnieuw componeren.Zelf ontworpen instrumenten staan centraal naast traditionele instrumenten die op onorthodoxe wijze worden ingezet om een nieuw geluid te creëren.

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