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Because Excel ignores the formatting of H12, Excel returns the serial date unless the contents of H12 are converted to text before concatenating, as shown in the following formula: =H11&TEXT(H12," mmmm d, yyyy") The correct result of this formula is Due Date: December 3, 2006.Check out the Microsoft Excel archive, and catch up on our most recent Excel tips.He was older than me and much bigger, he protected me from the bullies in the playground and taught me what it takes to be a man.Near broke and still in training, the wrestling champion was flown first class and then by helicopter to his 800-acre estate, called Foxcatcher Farm, in Philadelphia.

The village consists of a rest camp that resembles an 18th century Basotho Village combined with replica homesteads dating from the 16th century to the present day.

When concatenating—using a formula to combine data and/or text from one or more cells into one cell—date cells with text cells in an Excel formula, you must first convert the referenced date cells to text; otherwise, you end up with an unexpected result.

For example, suppose cell H11 contained the text Due Date: and cell H12 contained a formula that calculated the date.

I knew that our feelings for each other were growing stronger.

One night we happened to pull into the garage at the same time to fuel up during a shift.

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