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Guiney is not the only former contestant on the hit U. And a year after getting engaged on the Bachelorette season five finale, Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski ended their year long relationship earlier this month.

After getting divorced for two times in a row, Rebecca Budig never expected that she'll ever marry again.

They say, "Meet me at the restaurant." And I'm, like, "No!

" My agent set me up on a blind date with Mike and that was it for both of us.

Bob and I couldn't stay married but we love each other enough to stay friends, and I like showing that's possible. TV Guide Magazine: And now you're wed to Michael Benson. Apparently, the two have been secretly separated for some time now but they just can’t seem to make things work so have decided to make the split official. Although I hate her character on the soap, I do really like Rebecca and I think she’s an okay actress. Who didn’t fall in love with Bob Guiney during his season on “Bachelor Bob Guiney’s five year marriage to All My Children star Rebecca Budig is over!The couple, who have been secretly separated for a few months, have decided to officially call it quits!He then was selected to appear on The Bachelor back in 2003.The finale saw him select contestant Estella Gardinier, a California mortgage broker, but they broke up soon after the show aired. The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka, 32, and his 23-year-old fiancé Vienna Girardi split up back in June amidst allegations of cheating on both sides.

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