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It's funny people ask me that and I don't know what to tell them. I'm not bad at it, so I might as well keep doing it.

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He did this story called airplane toilet where a larger woman was using an airplane toilet and flushed before standing up and got sucked into it. They needed to make a mold of a behind for the experiment and I just happened to let them volunteer mine. They did a 3D scan of mine and I was able to work on it on a computer sculpturing software so I could learn the program. It is in almost every country and everywhere we go.

I thought no one would see this because it was just a silly little cable show. My uncle has said it’s been translated in Spanish, Chinese and seen as far as Costa Rica.

Didn’t know it would end up being the first thing you see when you Google my name six years later. I get emails from everywhere from Prague to Botswana. The cool thing about this job is we get to take on these little strange questions and investigate them to the fullest extent.

Now that the show is over, some people are wondering what happened to the host.

These days, she’s on the Travel Channel, working with Belleci on , a show that examines the scientific side of some of the world’s rollercoasters and other amusements.

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, Hyneman was asked to produce a casting video for the network.

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