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She is a human activist and claims that she leverages her status to help out the needy and bring to people’s attention some of the important humanitarian issues.

Her writings and songs depict her humble and humanitarian nature.

Known for her classic ‘Fast Car’ from the album ‘Matters Of The Heart’, the four-time Grammy award winner Tracy Chapman is an American singer and a songwriter.

Check out this biography for detailed information on her life.

3 tracks from Tracy Chapman performances are included!Last year, however, Collection, a round-up of her most notable tracks, appeared.It was a shock; first as a reminder of how poignant and powerful her music can be, then in the sales, which were almost instantly multi-platinum.Things have not been going well for Ellen De Generes.She split from long-time lover Anne Heche, who is now in a heterosexual relationship, and her TV series was dropped by ABC when ratings flagged following her and her character coming out of the closet.

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