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Sapp penned an essay in The Players’ Tribune, titled “Let’s Keep Making the Game Better,” and announced he’d be...

Former NFL superstar Warren Sapp is the latest in a growing number of players who have decided to donate their brains to science.

Sapp allegedly threw a margarita in Chalyce Moore's face before yanking her by the arm, biting her middle finger, and stomping her head after she fell down throwing a belt at Sapp. Sapp has been in trouble with the law since retiring, as this is his fourth arrest since 2010.

He was arrested in February for soliciting a prostitute in Arizona while covering the Super Bowl. He was also arrested for assault and taken into custody at a hotel in Downtown Phoenix.

The accusation is the latest charge against Sapp, who was arrested Feb.

2 in Phoenix for assaulting and soliciting a prostitute during Super Bowl weekend. The solicitation charge was dropped last month when he completed a diversion program.

The Hall of Famer penned a short essay on The Players’ Tribune in which he says his memory has suffered from all the hits he took during his playing career.

He wants something positive to come out of all that, so he’ll allow CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy...

Sapp explained that his ultimate goal is to make the game better than it was during his time on the field.

If there was an early 2000’s “Shawn Kemp” award given out to NFL players, Sapp would probably get at least one.

He does appear to be plainly reckless and thoughtless…NFL Network personality and former NFL Defensive lineman was arrested on the morning after Super Bowl XLIX for solicitation of a prostitute.

Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp played in the NFL for 13 seasons, which, he believes took a toll on his mind and body.

As such, Sapp has chosen to make a pretty bold sacrifice to help ensure that others don’t wind up in the same spot in the future.

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