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Regular checkups, restoring damaged teeth, and are all provided for children and teenagers.

Plus, when the braces are removed, laser whitening will remove all remnants of those brackets and give them a new dazzling smile – a smile that’s contagious!

It’s good when you first [...]The moment you want to change something in your dating life, it’s only a matter of time until you bump into a book named “The Game" written by a successful writer called Neil Strauss.

For those who don’t know who Neil Strauss is and don’t know “The Game”, I’ll give you a high five!

Remember, our orthodontists create smiles that are contagious!

Researchers at Apenheul primate park in the Netherlands are undergoing a “Tinder for orangutans” experiment, which is exactly what it sounds like.are a childhood rite of passage, making sure that dental problems that can result from a bad bite don’t impact children as young adults.Braces are also critical to good oral health, since crowding of permanent teeth can lead to gum disease even in young adults.Discover Puerto Plata Market Place 2017 is an international exhibition where the tourist industry in Northern Dominican Republic seeks to promote the destination to industry professionals from different sources markets of the world.As part of this event, the best lodging options and complementary offerings of this tourist destination are promoted to airlines, travel agents and national and international tour operators. This includes: Identification cards, access to the fair, and attendance to functionsofficially scheduled by the organizers of the fair.

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Plano and Frisco adults who wish to straighten their teeth invisibly and comfortably can accomplish this with Invisalign orthodontics.

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