Xdocument validate not validating

"Schema found." : "No schema found."); -- Martin Honnen --- MVP XML Script.

Schema; Xml Schema Set schema Set = new Xml Schema Set(); schema Set. Namespace Name; foreach (Xml Schema schema in schema Set.

The 'Grand Child3' element is invalid - The value 'ZZZ' is invalid according to its datatype 'GCType' - The Enumeration constraint failed.

Load("../../XMLFile1.xml"); Xml Schema Set schema Set = new Xml Schema Set(); schema Set.

This ensures it is complied into the distributable binary.

Next, I create a helper class to access the schema. Schema Access.” The replace will turn that into “Foo. My Schema.xsd” which is what I need to access the schema. Of course, if I’m dealing with multiple schemas, I can add those, too.

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