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You are encouraged to add the secure version of your IRC server. Before you join any channels, whois yourself from the status window. (Preferably a hidden service, SSL as a fallback or at best, both.) See also Torify HOWTO/XChat. This most likely means, the connection the the IRC server is working, however the IRC server disconnects you because they are not accepting connections from the Tor network. All Irssi-commands starts with a forward slash Consult the official manual to get more information about commands and features.The really great thing about Irssi is that there are thousands of scripts and customizations.I will walk you through my favorite scripts further down.Irssi scripts are written i Perl and are usually located in .If your IRC network resides on your internal network only, then you'll need to install it on your server which also is on the internal network.If your IRC server is reachabe on public IP, you can use one of the hosted IRC bouncers like IRCRelay.

Don't forget to read and apply if necessary: #XChat_First Time Start XChat First Time Doing ANY ONE of them is enough, either: By default, XChat based IRC software automatically loads the "Network List" window (in Windows/Linux, and loads the "Server List" or "Network List" window in Mac OS) with list of all IRC networks/servers when it is run (or started up) for first time right after installation.This XChat command grab, parse and print RSS newsfeed from sites defined in a configuration file Since the configuration file is read each time the command is called, you can add/remove sites without having to reload the script Usage in XChat:#! All servers, besides the secure (SSL) version of OFTC have been removed. Setting up SASL is outside the scope of this document, have a look into Torify HOWTO/XChat. But lets say, I got stuck in a meeting, and I have my laptop with me.Is there a way to check whether somebody has sent me any message ?

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