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The flagpole had been installed outside the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center, a ceremony that was the second act in as many days from a community that sought to affirm its position on refugees after months of headlines that resulted in, as the mayor put it in a recent speech, “a community painted with a brush by artists who are not in Twin Falls.”The night before the flagpole was christened, citizens gathered into the crammed city council chamber, where weeks of debate and public input came to a close with a 5-2 vote: Twin Falls would be known as a “neighborly city.” It was a resolution that changed no policy but felt necessary to show the world — as one council member put it — “that’s not who we are.”The actions were in response to more than a year of controversy and negative stories in right-wing media and assorted comments sections, a trying time for a city that’s accepted refugees for decades but found its image sullied and citizens threatened.

It’s an example of how the worst elements on the Internet can bleed into everyday life, and a cautionary tale of how the charged politics of immigration can play out in a community that believed it was doing the right thing by welcoming families displaced by conflicts in distant countries.

He played in jazz bands in junior high and high school.

He had a nice tenor voice and was a member of Jive and Chamber Singers while in High School.

He was also a member of the National Honor Society.

We will always remember you for who you REALLY were.”STORY: Teen’s Inspiring Response to Pal Who Came Out via Text obituary as Geoffrey Gable, with no mention of transitioning in her twenties, and with a clearly male photo, unlike her profile photo on Facebook.

After three Muslim refugees — all children — were charged in a sexual assault on a 5-year-old girl, right-wing media conjured up a lurid crime wave among the Muslim immigrants in the community.

Breitbart embedded a reporter in Twin Falls to look for stories that “[don’t] fit the narrative about the benefits of diversity that the media and politicians try to spin.”Twin Falls weathered sensationalized charges, grotesque threats and a militia group’s anti-immigrant demonstration. Perrine, a local rancher who helped spearhead the irrigation system that made farming possible across the region.

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“He loved animals and his constant companion during the last decade of his life was his beloved little black Miniature Schnauzer, Mindy…” reads the obituary, which notes he and his brother were had been raised by their paternal grandparents, and that Gable had been married and divorced.

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