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On behalf of all the Swift Kit team I'd like to wish you all a happy and safe holidays.

Leaves are notable for a large petiole, resembling those of the related kaffir lime and ichang papeda, and are heavily scented.

Yuzu closely resembles sudachi (a Japanese citrus from Tokushima Prefecture) in many regards; they share a similar mandarin-ichang papeda ancestry, though yuzu eventually ripen to an orange colour, and there are subtle differences between the flavours of the fruit.

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The quality of these clips are lower than your pro studio, but the difference is, this shit is completely real!Yuzu fruits, which are very aromatic, typically range between 5.5 and 7.5 cm in diameter, but can be as large as a regular grapefruit (up to 10 cm or larger).Yuzu forms an upright shrub or small tree, which commonly has many large thorns.In Japan, an ornamental version of yuzu called hana yuzu "flower yuzu" is also grown for its flowers rather than its fruit.Posted by Stidor in Swift Kit News | 18/04/13 | 24 Comments | Full Story...

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